What’s needed to obtain a sticker for the Whiting  Recycling Center and Ocean County Landfill?
A valid driver’s license and the  registration of the vehicle that will be going to the facility.  Your DL and  registration must have your Manchester address on them.  If they do not  you must ALSO provide a utility bill as proof of residency (cable, phone,  electric, gas)  We DO NOT accept water or tax bills.

What is the cost of the sticker?
There  is no charge for the sticker.

How do you get to the Whiting Recycling Center?
Route 70 West to Whiting.
The recycling center is located ½ mile from the intersection of Route 539 and  70 on the right hand side of 70 on Sam Pitts Road.

Hours of operation are 8:00 –  3:00 (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. & Sat.)

Closed on Wednesday and Sunday

What do they accept at the Recycling Center?
We accept recycling including cans, bottles, cardboard,  newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, etc.  We also accept bulk items and  metal.  Please refer to our bulk schedule posted on this site for more  details.

What do they accept at Ocean County Landfill?
The Ocean County Landfill is a privately owned facility.   Manchester residents are allowed to bring 6 bags of household trash twice  a week at no charge.  Only household trash is allowed with your sticker.  All bulk items should be brought to the Whiting Recycling Center.  The  Ocean County Landfill will charge for any bulk items brought to their facility.

I am a resident of Manchester and I have to borrow a  vehicle not registered in Manchester to go to the recycling center, what do I  do?
You must bring in your driver’s license proving your  residency in Manchester and the registration of the vehicle you are bringing to  the facility and we will issue you a temporary pass for the day.

What do I do with household batteries?
Household batteries are no longer recyclable.  They are  to be placed separately in a plastic bag or tape the terminals and disposed of  them in the regular trash.

How do I dispose of old medication?


  1. Keep medicine in original container. Mark out personal  information on prescription bottles.
  2. Mix liquid medicine with undesirable substances like  coffee grinds, cat litter, or dirt. Dilute pills with water, then add coffee  grinds, cat litter, or dirt.
  3. Place bottles in an opaque container, like a yogurt  container, and secure lid; or wrap in a dark colored plastic bag.
  4. Hide the container in the trash.

Do NOT recycle.

How do I dispose of needles and syringes?
Place used needles and syringes in a coffee can with a lid or a  plastic bottle with a top.
When full, tape lid/top shut and label as “needles” and discard in  your trash.

Does the Whiting Recycling Center accept grass clippings?
Grass clippings are considered a hazardous material.   When grass breaks down it gives off a  methane gas which is considered hazardous.  As a result, we are not  permitted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to accept  the clippings.  The NJDEP suggests cutting your lawn more often and  leaving the shorter clippings so that your lawn can reseed itself.

What do I do with old paint?
Old paint can be brought to the Ocean County Northern  Recycling Center in Lakewood.  (732)367-0802

What do I do with hazardous material?
The Ocean County Department of Solid Waste runs a hazardous waste  day twice a year at different towns within the County.  Manchester is one  of the towns to host the event.  Please check our site frequently for  upcoming dates.