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732-657-8121 Ext. 5101, 5102

Fax 732-657-9041

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Tracey Lynch – Director

Cassandra Colgate – Office Manager

Donna Giovanni – Administrative Assistant


Our Mission

The Manchester Township Department of Recreation is dedicated to fulfilling the recreational needs of the Township’s residents both young and old. The Township’s emphasis on recreation is evident in the numerous programs, activities and events offered by the Department of Recreation. These activities will continue to grow and expand to meet the ever changing needs and interests of our citizens.

The Department’s goal is to continue to expand our programs and enable more citizens to participate and enjoy the same.


Programs and Events

Program brochures are printed twice a year, Fall/Winter(September) and Spring/Summer(May).
(Due to a limited amount of space in some programs, non-residents will be accepted on an availability basis.)