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Whereas, the Township of Manchester established the “Open Space Trust Fund” to be used for the acquisition of land for conservation, open space, and preservation of historic properties.

The Open Space Advisory Committee will advise and make recommendations to the Township Council regarding the preservation and purchase of land for open space.

The Open Space Advisory Committee’s Plan will carry out the aforementioned purposes. The purpose of the Plan is to maintain the rural and rustic character of the Township. Further the Advisory Committee desires to ensure the preservation of the diversified woodland and forest areas within the Township. The committee feels an extra burden to preserve these woodlands that lie within the Pine Barren region, an environmentally sensitive and important area. Recreational areas will be provided that will improve the quality of life for the diversified population of Manchester.

The Manchester Township Open Space Advisory Committee invites any resident and/or property owner to recommend properties to us that could be included on an inventory list of properties to be acquired for open space.

Download your Open Space Plan here

The open space advisory committee consists of :

•Martin Lynch

•Brendan Weiner

•Marianne Borthwick


Pictured: Ken Vanderziel, Joseph Wennberg, Fred Trutkoff, Mayor Michael Fressola, Boy Scout Danny Sodano, Martin Lynch, Bob Pigott, Nikolaus Holinaty, Paul Ricci, Sabina Skibo.


Manchester Township held a dedication ceremony for a 9.7 acre parcel of open space on Wednesday, April 14th, 2004. The property is located adjacent to the existing 10 acre park on Johnson Avenue in the Ridgeway area of the Township.  Then Mayor Michael Fressola and Township Council members Joseph Wennberg and Robert Pigott were joined by Open Space Committee Members, Fred Trutkoff, Nikolaus Holinaty, Martin Lynch and Ken Vanderziel for the dedication. Also present were Deputy Township Clerk Sabino Skibo and Paul Ricci from T&M Associates, who prepared the Township’s Open Space Plan. Danny Sodano, a Boy Scout from Manchester Township, was invited to attend after he wrote a letter to Councilman Wennberg in support of Open Space purchases. This dedication was special as it marks the first purchase of Open Space based upon the Open Space Committee’s recommendations. The Committee was formed in 2002 as a result of the Township residents’ overwhelming approval of a Township Referendum, which created the Open Space Trust Fund.

At the recommendation of the Open Space Committee, the Township has acquired the following properties throughout the Township:

Location / Acreage / Acquisition Date

Northampton Blvd. 72.00 Acres May 3, 2007

Torry Avenue 9.70 Acres November 24, 2003

Route 571 79.39 Acres September 29, 2005

Hwy 547 7.79 Acres July 5, 2006

Lacey Road 8.92 Acres January 30, 2008

Please contact us at with your recommendations or questions.